Our Mission

Our mission is to craft a renewed Judaism together, by providing events and experiences to connect us with the joy and spirituality of our heritage.

There is a growing edge to Judaism.  As Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi z"l taught, we can only participate in that growth when we stop driving Judaism by looking in the rearview mirror.  You don't move forward without knowing where you started.  But you can't move forward unless you have the vision to see where you should be going.  It is time now to look ahead and imagine the Judaism we want to experience.  

Who We Serve

The Studio is designed for adults. As we age we crave to know that our lives have had meaning. We want to experience life's offerings directly and not vicariously. We are the wealthiest best-educated community of Jews in history, so we have the comfort of a modern, progressive community and the security of living in a free country. Yet we are often disappointed or dissatisfied with the offerings of today's Judaism. We want to nurture our spiritual selves, we want to feel that our lives have meaning and purpose, and we want to elevate our world with our good works. Studio events will offer the opportunities to elevate our souls, sanctify our daily lives and repair this world. Together, we can explore a future of Judaism that entices and will delight us all.


We are inviting this community to explore together and lead change. The Studio is about remodeling the ordinary into the extraordinary; about creating spiritual space for Jewish experiences. Values of tzedakah (charity), tikkun olam (repairing the world) and chesed (loving kindness) will be incorporated into all of our activities.

With every event and every discussion, we are taking steps toward crafting a Judaism accessible and yet formidable. We will use personal connections, social media and publications to communicate within our community and share our explorations. We will examine challenges and opportunities to experience the joy and fulfillment of being Jewish. We will study, discuss, sing, create, hike and perhaps ski our way over any obstacles toward a renewed Judaism. We will explore together with any person or group that has insights to offer. While implementing strategies for providing adult Jewish cultural and spiritual events, we are moving toward a vision of a spiritual, relevant and inspiring Judaism.

What We Do

Some of our offerings will include: SHABOOM! an outdoor musical Friday evening, Sunday evening salons for food and thought, Shabbat morning hikes with prayer and torah discussion, attending theater productions, workshops on how to transform aging into saging, preparation classes for Holidays, personal spiritual direction, and more. The leadership will offer innovative rituals and new modes of inserting meaning into life experiences with home dedications, baby namings, retirement ceremonies, sheloshim minyan (30 days after a funeral), and of course, weddings, b'nai mitzvah and funerals. 

Jewish Renewal

Rabbi Evan Krame was ordained by the Aleph Ordination Program, the seminary for Jewish Renewal. David Abramowitz received his smicha as Cantor in January, 2016 (b"h). Renewal is about being backward compatible and forward thinking. We have learned that you can't drive by looking only through the rearview mirror. And the windshield is a much wider view. Many people have been attracted to Renewal for our open-heartedness, use of vernacular, and ease of access approach to Judaism. Yet, Renewal is Judaism rooted in tradition while driving Judaism into a new era.  We are neo-chasidic meaning that we start with our relationship with God and gratitude for the life we are given in this amazing world. 


Thank you so much for teaching the Prayer, Not Performance class. Not only did I learn a lot about what I'd never heard of, but I had no idea I could go so deeply into a prayer, like the Shema, that I could come out on the other side. For me, the class was transformational. The words "thank you" seem inadequate for such an experience, but that's all I have right now.

All the best to you, Ellen

* * * 

We feel so blessed to have been able to work with you both. The chemistry was perfect from day one . . . You guys were a major hit and everyone loved the service and your approach. Thank you for what you have done for us all. Margo S.

* * *

I just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you for being the officiant at our wedding.  Except it's really thank you for so much more than that.  We felt that you took something that at times can be inaccessible and made it accessible and welcoming for both us and our guests.  You really filled these events with meaning for us, our families, and our friends.  We feel that you really understood who we are and what we were aiming to do, and we can't tell you enough how perfect it was.

We've had so many people tell us (and our families and best man) on how meaningful and beautiful they thought the ceremony was. From start to finish, from ketubah signing to the ceremony, you did such an amazing job, and know that anyone else lucky enough to have you as their wedding officiant will feel the same way. - David G.

* * *

Your service touched so many people and we are very grateful.  You made the service meaningful, tangible and you presented the tenets of our religion in a way that celebrated its essence. - Jane G.

* * *

Splended service. Really enjoyed myself.  You’ve got the formula for success! - Larry G.

* * *

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