The Jewish Studio will provide caring and creative leadership to enhance life's milestones.  Infusing Jewish tradition into our modern lives, we offer rituals from baby naming to memorial services. Consider bringing us into your homes, celebrations, and work places for:

  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Memorial Services (sheloshim – 30 days after a death, or unveilings)
  • Bnai mitzvah
  • Retirement
  • House warming
  • Business openings
  • Graduations
  • Birthdays
  • Any occasion which can be enhanced with the context and character of Jewish values.

Contact us below and tell us how we can help provide you and your loved ones with the words, music, and direction to mark the seasons of your life with a sense of awe, splendor and love.


A word about interfaith weddings.  We view all marriages as a transitional moment when a couple's commitment to each other can also be a time of dedication to a spiritual journey. The clergy of the Jewish Studio understand this as an opportunity to increase your connection to Judaism and God.  The first step in that journey as a couple is a wedding ceremony fashioned upon Jewish law and tradition. The success of your marriage will, in part, be based upon familiarity with and appreciation of Judaism and Jewish history.  Believing that Judaism has much to offer this world and with the future of your relationship in mind, for every couple, we ask that you consider the following items:

  • a commitment to establish a Jewish home and/or raise Jewish children.
  • knowledge about the core values of Judaism coming from a course of study in Judaism at some time before the wedding.
  • if one partner is from a different faith tradition, we prefer that they not be practicing another faith and therefore open to the possibilities of nurturing Judaism in their home.

Spiritual Direction (Hashpa'ah)

The Studio also offers personal and group spiritual direction best described by our colleague Rabbi Shawn Zevit of Philadelphia.  

"Jewish Spiritual Direction or Hashpa'ah (Divine Flow) is a process for exploring our connection with what we experience as God, Spirit, Truth—however we express and understand the Sacred in our lives. Through these explorations, those engaged in spiritual direction, try to discern the presence of the Sacred, in their everyday lives, work, celebrations, and struggles. This call explores the historic and current evolution of Jewish spiritual direction, some of the key elements of the experience, and how this sacred practice can help individuals and communities deepen their connections to God, self, community, and the world."

Please consider inviting us to help you on your spiritual path.


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